Thursday, September 26, 2013

When You Just Shouldn't Go There

I started a series on my blog a while back, titled Decluttering 101, because I was getting really tired of "stuff".  Well, that has led to more drastic measures.  I mentioned here about downsizing all our possessions.  The last, pushing three weeks now, I guess, I have had the flu, which is definitely slowing me down a lot in my mission. 
A little while ago, I asked Mr. House Pretty to bring home some boxes from work.  He asked me what size I wanted, and I said "the bigger, the better".  Well, bigger is not always better, if bigger won't fit in your car, lol!

So, I arranged for Salvation Army to pick up the wardrobe boxes I had.  Yes, you heard it right, I had filled not one, but two, wardrobe boxes, plus a mini stereo system that Mr. House Pretty was willing to part with.  

Mr. House Pretty is a much better packer than I am.  I just toss the items into the boxes, and he repacks everything. Now, here's the worst part.  Before they came for the boxes, I went down to our family room where the wardrobe boxes were, to put something else in the box closest to our desk.  When I saw that I couldn't fit anything else in it, I proceeded to open the box closest to the door, the one I had to pass to get to the other box.  I opened what I thought was an empty box just waiting for some unwanted "treasures", and to my shock, it was packed to the brim.  
I then proceeded to look inside the box to find out what the heck I had that would have filled up a second wardrobe box that quickly, and a little voice in my head said, "Ma'am, step away from the box".  I quickly closed the flap, put my items on the floor beside the boxes to await another box, and left the room.

Now, to be absolutely truthful, I can't honestly count on the fingers of one hand what was in that box that I quickly closed.  I just don't remember.  So, if I don't remember what was in it, why did I have all the stuff cluttering up my home in the first place?!

And, if you are wondering which areas of my home I am removing items from, here is a small sampling... 


I will be sharing on this blog some of my inspiration for why I am doing this.  Are any of you feeling inspired to join me on my journey of "Less Is More"?  I would love to hear your thoughts!


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