Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Scarf, It's FINALLY Finished!

I'm back today to show you, as promised, the scarf I developed a love/hate relationship with, for our daughter.  I should have had this post up yesterday, but we changed our internet provider, and I lost internet access for several hours.  Remember, I have mentioned several times how Murphy's Law is living freely in our home?  Well, he was by again yesterday, and things did not go smoothly for the technician.

Anyway,  I posted here how I knit it for her for a Christmas gift.  But, I knit it too short, and too bulky, because I knit with double strand yarn, which totally was not necesary!
So...what's a girl to do?  She hauls the entire thing out, shown here!  All her hard work, go.go. gone!  And, she starts over!
And, this is what she comes up with.  Now, this is going to look identical to the other set made, except this set is twice as long.  Kinda' like I knit three scarves...

She is very happy now.
And, so is her child.
Oh, and while I was as it, I made this set, I also mentioned the other day. 

This set goes with her everyday jackets.  Do you see a bit of black theme going on here?!  This child love black, for some reason.  But, I still wanted the second set to be pretty, so my compromise was to make a black flower to go with each pink flower.  I get what I want for her, and she gets what she wants for her. Ah, we both win! Why couldn't all of life be this easy?!

  And, yes, those flowers are pink.   A light pink, granted, but still pink.  And the scarf is an off white. I just used the yarn I had, and this was the only pink I had...hmmm...must do something about that!  


  1. Both sets are very pretty. I haven't knit since I was 11, lol. I'd love to get back into it.

  2. They are both SO adorable! I'm just learning to knit...I think, haha! At this point, I can only dream of making something that cute!

  3. OH, Sue!! Those are sooooooo soooooo pretty!!!!!! You are talented, girl!!!

  4. VERY cute!!! I think I should get out the knitting needles again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I'm sure your daughter is a happy girl with her scarf sets. My mother was always knitting something when I was growing up but I never really learned myself. Oh, I knit a few potholders and scarves but that's about it. I was more into music and art. Thank you for joining me at my HOME and stay warm. Baby, it's cold out there!



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