Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Color, And A Perfect Neutral

Do you love it?
Does it scare you?
Well, let's discuss it for a minute, shall we?  As I mentioned here, I am lightening up my entire house.  And, I'm not doing it with beiges and browns.  No, I'm doing it with creamy yellow.  You can find beautiful shades of soft, creamy yellows.  And, yellow is just plain pretty.  And, making things pretty is what I'm all about! 
I've decided to use mine as the neutral for my home.  A soft, creamy yellow goes with mostly any color you might choose to pair it with.  And, creamy yellow makes a good choice for people who tend to be nervous about venturing out from the tan "zone".  And, I will say, that just the other day, Mr. House Pretty happened to mention that the new, white window trim is really looking clean, and crisp,  next to the soft yellow I painted our kitchen walls in (pics. to come over the weekend).  
Soft yellow also has another advantage.  It goes well with any seasonal decor, whether that be this time of year most of us are in, Winter, where it is cold outside.  I don't know about you, but I know I could use some sunshine in my life!  Spring with the pretty (have I mentioned I love pretty, lol!) pastels, Summertime (can I get a yay for Summertime?!) and the beach feel, with bright pops of fun color!  And, then there's Fall.  Ugh!  Not my most favorite time of year, but focus here girl, focus!  In fall, we are surrounded by rich, earth tones, which yellow provides the perfect backdrop for!
So, now you all know the benefits I'm seeing for using creamy yellow throughout my house.  It is a wonderful backdrop for any decorating you may wish to do, because it is just so versatile!  And, did I happen to mention that it is a happy color!  Gotta love happy! 

Pied-a-terre in Manhattan, by Alexa Hampton
de Gournay: Wallpapers & Fabrics Collection - Chinoiserie Collection |
And, it's not just for interiors!
Absolutely love the detail on this building!
Yellow and beige.
Now, aren't those spaces pretty?  And happy!

Oops!  Now, what did I just slip in there?
Have a happy, sunny weekend!


  1. I love those examples! So pretty. I love butter yellow!
    Happy decorating!

  2. Sue I am with you! I love the creamy yellow in just about any space in the house. Two years ago in the spring my hubby added wainscoting under the chair rail in our foyer and we painted that white. Above the rail we went with Benjamin Moore's Philadelphia Cream which is one of their historic colors. OMGosh it was so cheery on the walls and it even made the space seem larger. The yellow is so pretty with either natural wood or painted furniture. Great post and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. I adore yellow. I don't think I could live in a house without it!


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