Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ken's Mad and I'm Going To Help

The above seems to be the recurring theme with Ken as well as several other of Amanda's Barbies. 
You see, Ken started with a Tux that looked like this, when Amanda received him for a Christmas gift.
 Now, you know that Christmas hasn't been very long ago.  So, she didn't even play with him very much yet. 
And yet, after only a brief period of time, this is what has happened to his new "threads"
Now, that's bad enough.  But then, if you turn the outfit inside out, the manufacturer has allowed no room for a seam allowance, so you can't even fix it properly if you wanted to!
Ken and I had a little "talk".  I told him not to get mad, get "even" (and I mean that in only the most positive way, lol!) 
So I'm taking matters into my own hands!  I will show you what I come up with for a solution.


  1. Good luck w/fixing the tux. I hope all ends up well in Paradise. :)

  2. OMG, things have not changed much, I remember the same thing happening to my Dolls clothes when I was a kid! Good luck



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