Monday, January 7, 2013

Decluttering 101- The Dreaded Pantry!

Well, Mr. House Pretty took pity on me over the weekend, while I was busy painting the stairway, and hallway, leading to our family room downstairs.
And, oh, did he treat me well!  He decluttered and reorganized our pantry, to make it easier to see what we had to work with, to start the remodel.  Can I get a Whoo! Hoo!?
I am unable to show a "before" picture, because I don't have one, because Mr. House Pretty never thought to take one.  But, that's ok, at least I have a decluttered pantry!  You won't hear any complaints here!
So, I thought  I would show you a "teaser" picture of another messy pantry, so that I got somethin' to show ya'!  
 Come to think of it, ours looked worse!  So, maybe it's a good thing I didn't have a picture to show you!  Ours has three deep shelves, spaced so far apart, they really are no earthly good.
This is what Mr. House Pretty filled, after he downsized, and decluttered. Please excuse the garbage can that desperately needs a good scrubbing down.  And yes, I'm glad he didn't take the time to scrub it down.  I'm just happy he decluttered the pantry!  And, I may or may not have just said that a time or two, or three, but who's counting?! 

And, this is what he was left with.

At least now I can see what I have when I do my baking.

This was designed as a very makeshift way to hang our pots, until our pantry is renovated.

I just wish I had a picture of the "before" to show you, and you would be able to see truly, how much we were able to get rid of.

 Well, maybe "get rid of", is the wrong way of putting it.  We had multiple boxes half full. And, the problem with that was, each was only half full of the exact same thing!  Mr. House Pretty found 3 opened bags of icing sugar, and 3 opened bags of brown sugar.  And, let's see, oh yes, a few types of candy, that should have been in our candy dish! 

A dishcloth was also found in the back of one of the shelves!  How, I would like to know, did a dishcloth get there?  And, why was a dishcloth placed there in the first place?!

This whole experience just proves the point of how clutter costs!  If we had been more organized with the staples in our pantry, there would not have been the need to go buy more of the same items.

Now, what spot will I/we tackle next...?




  1. You did a really good job in removing all the unnecessary stuff from your pantry. It is good to start fresh for the new year :)
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

  2. Fantastic! I need to do a bit of decluttering this weekend. A fresh start sounds like a great idea!


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