Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well, good morning to you all, and welcome to the start of a brand spankin' new, New Year!  Fresh starts...I love them!!
I've been working on painting my kitchen over the stretch between Christmas and the New Year.  Bad idea.  I don't recommend it! 
Anyway... before I finish the painting today, I thought I would show you why I don't like the winter.
Because I don't like the cold, like -18 (Celcius), or for those of you in the States, and beyond, -0.4 °F (Fahrenheit) .  And, apparently, neither does Mr. House Pretty's work truck.  Because it wouldn't start when he went to leave for work a few minutes ago.
I snapped this picture from our side window in our kitchen, which the driveway runs along side.  Do you think I was actually going to go back out in this freezing cold?!  NopeOnce was enough for me this morning, when I went out to do my morning laps.  And, it was so cold getting the car scraped off so I could even drive out of the driveway!  Brrr...
Oh, and please ignore the unmentionables showing on Mr. House Pretty.  Right after he came in from boosting his truck, he went to our bedroom to get his belt he forgot, lol!.  He is purposefully losing weight, yay!  That also means a belt is in order!
Anyway, I'm off to do the second round of my "new" color (which I will explain later) on our kitchen walls!  I will show when finished!
Have a great day and stay warm!

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