Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 In Review, I'm So Yesterday!

Hi, back again!  And, that's because I never did do a year in review post, for 2012. 
So, here goes, hopefully better late than never, lol!
I'm going to list the top 5 most viewed posts for last year.  Starting, from most viewed
People went nuts over this one!  Sadly, with my "Decluttering 101" series that I started before Christmas, and I will be continuing throughout this year, I parted with the door.  I loved that door!  But, then again, I'm also loving a more cleared out space.  So, I guess, sometimes some sacrifices have to be made...
But, the good news is I kept the wreath.  And, it is now my winter season wreath, since it is mostly white, and I didn't have a transition wreath from Christmas, to Summer.  I do now!
Next up was...
This has come in very handy since day one, and I love it!
You guys/gals seem to really love white picket fence pallet shelves, because the next one up is...
This is currently off my kitchen wall, due to the painting, but will be back up by the end of the week.  I love a white picket fence, in whatever form it takes!  It's just so cute, and cottagy...(psss...check out my new blog header...)
Now, talk about off topic, but the next one up, was from my Pretty For Penny series, I had running.  I ran that series to show that you can still dress for less, with thrift clothing, and still look like you dressed for a lot more!
And, last up...
And, just in case any of you were wondering, these have been easy to clean.  Actually, just New Year's Eve, I gave them a cleanup, before New Year's Day, when we had family over.  I initially sprayed them with Scotchguard.  And, now, when something gets on one of them, I just need to dab and it, let it dry, and spray again.  And, truth be told, it recommends that you re spray once a month, and I have been...insert cough...less than prompt.  I will be a good girl in the New Year.  Promise!
Oh, this was supposed to be a top 5 posts, kind of post, but I wanted to sneak in just one more, because I thought it was just too darn cute not to show...
I know, I know, I'm really hammering at this one, but I still think it's so pretty!  And, do you know what?  She hardly ever uses it!  Huff!  I don't care!  Now that I know I can paint something, I have a little something to show you in the Spring, that I'm going to try...
This is the last picture.  Promise!  I mean, I really, really, promise! 
So, that was it, folks!  These are what my viewers were attracted to the most. 
Also, I just want to take the time to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for finding me last year, and sticking with me, through different blog changes I kept making, when I didn't have a clue what I was doing, and it really showed, lol!  I still have a bit of streamlining I'm going to do shortly, but time got away from me.  Hang in there!
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