Saturday, December 8, 2012

Need Help

Hi everyone, just throwing a question out there, and I probably should have thrown it before now.  Where, oh where, can a person find long sleeved, pretty dresses for a 5 year old girl, in size 7? 
 The dresses would need to be below the knee...
  And not ugly.
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How about this, only in a long sleeved, winter weight, and a bit longer.
  I'm talking pinks, soft blues, perhaps some black thrown in there.  A ruffle or two wouldn't hurt.  And a bow would take it right over the top!
  But I don't mean formal flower girl kind of dresses.  I mean dresses (or jumpers) that would be suitable for a little girl to wear, I suppose according to some people's standards, to church on Sunday.
You see, Honey Babes wears dresses, or jumpers, every day to school.  And yes, it's her choice.  That's what she sees me wearing.  Well, actually I wear more skirts than dresses, because I can mix and match them up easier.  So, wearing this type of clothing is what she, I guess, considers is "normal" wear for a girl to wear!
And I'm putting in different words in search engines, and coming up completely empty.  And I've wasted more time than I care to count! 
Now, it's possible the answer is right "under my nose", so to speak, and I just haven't thought of a particular store in my search.  She likes dresses with the bottom more flowing, with lots of pleats around the waste, so it is easier to live "normally" in.
I have, up until now, been able to find plenty of dresses and jumpers for her in thrift stores, which is good considering that is the price I prefer to pay. However, I'm getting kind of desperate here, and I might have to, shudder the thought, pay retail.  Either that, or start making them myself.  Like I have the time to add that to my to do list.  Not!
So, could anyone help me out here?
Thanks so much!

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  1. im out of that phase with my little. Hmmm...have you checked childrens company?


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