Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Hand Made Gift To Our Daughter

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!  Or, early Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
I just thought I would pop in today and show you what I knit for our daughter for Christmas.  I made up 4 sweets tins with hand made sweets (recipes in my Recipe section) for gifts for family, a fashion scarf for a SIL, but for Honey Babes, this is what she got

I made the set to go with this coat

This coat, as well as the red flowers I knit, is more of a deep red, however, try as I might, I couldn't portray the true color in these shots.
And, I must say, I have two regrets with this set.  One, that I doubled the yarn.  I thought the scarf would be too flimsy, and wouldn't keep her warm enough.  I used wool yarn, and the next time, I would not double the yarn. 
And, two,  that I didn't make the scarf a bit longer.  Although, I have asked her a couple of times, and she says the length is fine, so I'm going wih her feeling for it.  After all, it is her gift.
I am going to start another set, of a different color, and I am not doubling the yarn.  And, I am making it longer, lol!

Oh, by the way, I should add, this is not the only gift she got from us for Christmas.  This is, however, the hand made gift she got from us.   She got two new Barbies, some Barbie clothing, a new outfit, several pairs of leggings (she is not "feeling the love" for tights these days), and several other items, as well as a stocking.  And we won't even go down the road of what she got from everyone else.  She was truly blessed! 
Now, I need to knit another one for her, with pictures to follow.  I think I an going to try "my hand" at knitting some Barbie clothes for her as well.  The Barbie clothes would be for Valentine's Day, or Easter.
And, a little birdie has told me you all might find some of my creations around here in the near future.  Just sayin'!
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  1. It really was pretty! I can't wait to see the new one.


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