Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Mantel

Well, hello, back again for the livingroom view of my house?   I'm glad you came by!
Go grab a cup of egg nog, or apple cider, or whatever your pick is and I'll give you a little view of my mantel. And, between you and me, it will be a quick view, because as I have been mentioning alot around this blog, I'm downsizing.  And loving it!  And downsizing, so...
I was going to start, and realized I wanted to change my railing lights in my living room up (will show  next post) to white, from the multi colored they were.  Problem was, I didn't have any other than the ones I used on my mantel.  SO, off to the hardware store I had to go.  AND, the lights were, of course, on sale.  Is there any other way?!
Once I came home with my purchase, I started the decorating.  And, I've kept it very simple, because, as I've mentioned 50 thousand times now, I am tired of the clutter.

First I will give you the l o n g shot of the 14 foot mantel, and then go in for a closer look at some of the details.  Amanda wanted my topiaries down below this time, instead of on the mantel, so I was the "good" mommy and gave in to her "artistic" side.  You might also notice that my stocking hanger picture frames are missing the pictures!  I should have that rectified in a few days and will post updates.

I took pictures of different sections of the mantel, because it is 14 feet long.
Basically, I just ran my lights along the length of the mantel, and then piled burlap on top of them.  Then, I added just a few items this year.  I have had it piled high in the past, and, even though I thought it looked beautiful, I am just wanting to simplify everything.  I know, I'm pretty boring, eh?!  (I couldn't resist getting an "eh" in there.  After all I am a Canadian, lol!)
The red sleigh is one of two I picked up at a thrift store two years ago, just after Christmas.
This piece of artwork is normally on our Christmas tree.  Now, I realize it's cracked, it doesn't havea a pretty edge, it's quite plain.  It probably doesn't look like much to you all.  But, to me it's a very special ornament, made at one of the hardest times in my life.  But made by a very precious person to me.  It's the hand print of Honey Babes, at about 2 1/2 months old.
  We had just left Newfoundland, Canada, left the new "home" we were making for ourselves.  And we went to a place with no support group, with a baby crying non stop.  And, I'm so grateful that through the fog of exhaustion, we put in the bit of effort that went into making this.  I treasure it very much.
This is just a simple candle holder I made and I leaned one of my Christmas wreaths from the Christmas tree against it.  This wreath came from my "red" theme.  I made the simple candle holder at a mother's group I have been going to, for about the last 8 months.  I was feeling so uninspired that morning, lol!  I got mixed up in the schedule, and thought we were having a guest speaker that day, instead of working on a Christmas craft, so I wasn't that "into" it at the time, lol! 
And, this is the other sleigh I picked up from the same thrift store, at the same time, two years ago.  I leaned another one of the Christmas tree wreaths against one of the runners, in the back.  And I hung  Amanda's second Christmas, tree decoration off the railing.
And, the most important Christmas decoration we have.  And, the reason we all celebrate this time of year.  Actually, I see of I have baby Jesus blocked from view here.  He is just to the right of Mary.  That is where Amanda decided He should go this year, right beside His "mommy"!  You can see more of the details to the nativity pieces I posed about here.
Come back next time for my railing!
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  1. Great job on your mantel! Your nativity scene is gorgeous.

  2. beautiful....the Christmas spirit is in your home!!

  3. Sweet rustic look! MERRY CHRISTMAS. LOVE THAT YOU INCLUDED YOUR CHILD'S ART!!! Follwing your blog now. Follow me too:) I posted http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2012/12/impossibly-sweet-ikea-and-trujoy-gluten.html and http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/search/label/Let%20it%20Snow to Think Tank:)

  4. Great look indeed, Sue, very YOU, I think, and that;s why is so pretty!


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