Friday, December 14, 2012

Massive Giveaway!

Hi everyone, just thought I would pop in to tell you about a MASSIVE giveaway going on over at One Artsy Mama!
I am one of the donors, and if you have not won one of my dish cloth sets, here's another chance for you, because I have donated a set of 6 Christmas dishcloths and 1 hand towel!  Actually, she has the giveaway going on in not one, not two, but three parts!  That's because she had a HUGE amount of gifts, and so she subdivided it. 
Here's just a sampling of what is in this last part
Stained Glass Dangle Earrings
So, whoever wins one of the giveaways, gets the entire kitty for that giveaway, whoo! hoo!
The people who donated are also welcome to enter the giveaway.  And, you can bet the farm that I have entered all three!
So, what are you waiting for?!  Go over to One Artsy Mama and put your name in!  GoGo!


  1. Hello Sue! I am DeDe @DesignedDecor! Wow, thanks for showing my earrings! I am now following you through linky followers!


  2. Stunning earrings - I hope you are enjoying this crazy time before Christmas!


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