Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Purchase That Almost Spent Us

Mr. House Pretty has wanted one for awhile now.  His first one we purchased while living in Newfoundland, Canada.  And it was recalled.  I have mentioned before that Murphy's Law seems to be a permanent house guest in our home.  He's now looking for his own bedroom.
What I'm talking about here is this
What is inside this large box is Mr. House Pretty's brand spankin' new snowblower.  It all started with when it was delivered.  The guy arrived 1 hour before he was scheduled.  Then, as he was backing into our driveway, I thought, how cool, he sure is able to get close to his goal.  When he gets out of his truck, I show him how close he was able to get to the corner of our roof, and I was impressed with his backing up skills.  He looks, and gasps!  He said "Oh my gosh, I had no idea I was doing that!  My goal is to get absolutely no closer than 6 inches from the customer's house.  He got as close as 4 inches!
The box sat in the driveway until after supper, when my brother dropped by, and helped Mr. House Pretty slide it into the shed. 
But, before it got into the shed, Mr. House Pretty tripped over this
and fell flat on his back.  The bruise and scrape on his leg he got when his leg scraped against the wheelbarrel doesn't look too pretty either, if ya know what I'm sayin'? (and yes, I'm still moving soil around.  And, I'm not stopping until snow hits, and you can't make me!)
 There was one positive element to the whole experience.  My brother kept hold of the box, so that Mr. House Pretty didn't have the weight of a snowblower land on his chest. 
See, sometimes good can come out of bad!  Kind of?


  1. Now looking for his own bedroom... hehe
    But I must say, a snow blower would be so nice.

  2. Hooray for a new snow blower. My husband and I say EVERY YEAR, 'We'll just wait until the end of winter and buy one on clearance for next year." Yeah, that never happens. Still out there with a shovel and back ache, looking the crazy neighbors who haven't realized they live in the northeast. ;) I'm so sorry about your husband's fall though! Hopefully thoughts of the new toy eased the pain a little. I don't think I realized you live in a Ranch style home. I do too. (1964) Seems like ranches in blog land are few. I treat her like a farmhouse though. ;)


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