Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Clutter Free

I'm kind of getting to this a bit late, because life happens, as they say.  Whoever "they" are.  Mr. House Pretty was wondering what to get me for my birthday, that just passed (Nov. 5), for awhile.  And, I'm not exactly making it easy on him. 
One stipulation is I don't want clutter.  As most of you are probably aware, I've started a series "Decluttering 101", and I showed here one of the "biggies" we just went through.   It is definitely changing the way our family thinks about what we ask for for gift ideas.  And what people purchase for those same gifts. 
Well, way back here, I posted a "find" I was wanting for a while now, but didn't want to pay retail price for.  So, I patiently waited, and waited, and waited...
Until I found it.
And then it sat in the same place for like a month!
I finally got it all cleaned up, and disinfected. 
And then it sat and waited to be loved.
Part of my decluttering went into this.  That glass held that "pearl" necklace, as well as several other necklaces, as the base for a tealight.  Which was never even lit once.  Because I had it in an impractical place that just ended up being in the way. 
The blue stones were in another glass, also used as the base for another tealight.  Which was never even lit once.  Because I had it in an impractical place that just ended up being in the way.
Do you see a common thread here?!  And now you all know why I'm decluttering!
But then I thought, hey, maybe I can throw some of this "stuff" in my aquarium (after disinfecting, of course).  And, ta da, I have some free accessories!
This is the other side, so far.
I am very well aware that the reflection of the light, in the glass is less than attractive.  The only way you would have been able to see any of this is with the aquarium light on, because there isn't much light getting into our livingroom this morning.  It is a very overcast day.
Oh, suppose I should have mentioned that.  The aquarium is in our livingroom on top of our sofa table, behind our, duh, sofa!
I will be added a couple of more plants in the near future.  I was also looking for a treasure chest but wasn't able to find anything locally.
Here is a look at what is currently living in the aquarium.  Be forewarned that it is very blurry.  Fish just don't want to stop and pose for a picture, if ya' know what I mean?!
If I ever get a better picture of them, I will replace this one with it.
In another two weeks, I will be adding more fish to the tank.  We were told we need to stagger the additions.
I could just look at fish swim all day, I find it so relaxing!
Oh, and by the way, no, not one fish swam through the tunnels below the house yet, on the right hand side of the tank.  Huff!
Now, I'm off to make up a pot of corn chowder in the crockpot for supper.  And, continue working on "the dungeon" I mentioned in this post.  Can't wait!

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  1. My sis just started an aquarium, I agree, sooo relaxing. We have a small tank with goldfish and I love to lay on the couch watching them swim as well.


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