Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post, And A Discount

Hi everyone, how is it going today?  Well, if it isn't going so hot, here is a little something that may make it just a bit better.
I have a guest for you today, Danielle Mcann, from Entanglements, which is located in Australia.  Danielle is here to offer us all some quick, and inexpensive ways to beautify our homes, both inside and out (something to plan for next summer, boo! hoo! I want summer back), on a budget.  Now, we're talking!
Ways to add style to your home or backyard on a budget

Want to turn your house into a home on a shoestring budget? Here’s some excellent ways you can make yourself feel more at home and get creative with your weekend!


Both inside and outside, plants always make a great addition to your home and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want anything that’s too much effort or maintenance. A great idea is some hardy succulents and cacti from the local markets, put them in some cheap glassware, anything from a discount shop. If you’re feeling really creative, you can hang them from your roof with pliable stainless steel wire. Form a metal wire shell of your glassware and splice the wire so it will hold the glass wear without slipping out. Thick nylon rope can also make a colourful replacement to wire. Entanglements have a range of rusted planters and trellises for plants and creepers too, check out their website for more details.

 Floating shelves

No more than a nicely painted hunk of hard wood slid seamlessly into two prongs, a pair of floating shelves are easy to install and look fabulous! Most hardware will give you the know how, or you can check online for designs you like, so you can design and plan accordingly. There’s so many options with so many installation methods, so get searching! They're super modern and easy to implement, you might need a drill though, so ask around if you haven’t got one already.

A big blankie

One thing I love having on my couch that’s practical and looks great, is a big clean neatly folded blanket. It lets you introduce some colour into the palette of your home and creates a real focal point. I bought a beautiful taupe and grey blanket that goes perfectly with the pale washed out green walls in my home. Most importantly, I love curling up with a packet of Tim Tams and a Jodi Picoult book, settling in on a cold Saturday morning for a good read in my PJ’s and a delicious breakfast. Bliss!

Well, thanks for those great ideas, Danielle!  Now, for a little extra treat, Entanglements is offering everyone a 5% discount on all Wall Art pieces.. when checking out promo code. "ENTANG"
Here is an example of the dramatic pieces that are on their site.
Blossom Large
(This has been a guest post.  I have not been compensated in any way by this company, and am neutral towards it.  I agreed to do this post to offer my readers a discount off a luxury item for their home). 


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