Monday, November 19, 2012

Decluttering 101/The "Dungeon"

Hi there, I'm a bit late getting this out today.  It's laundry day...need I say more? 
Now, what can I say about my title, referring to the "space" I call the "dungeon"?  Well, it is about as accurate as it gets! 
 Where should I start?  Our basement has no windows, as in zero, so therefore, it gets no natural light.  The flooring isn't finished yet, as in there is bare cement.  And the area isn't even insulated.  And yes, our heating cost shows this inconvenient truth!
Before we could get to any of that, and I should warn you first, because it isn't pretty, we first had to deal with this...  
This would be what you walked into.
And from another angle
Now, you tell me, who can't get enough of "up close" ugliness?!
And a view of the other side of the room.
These four chairs are tucked away on the other side of the basement, covered over, ready for additional seating needed for company.
One thing I've finally come to realize, is when you are purging/decluttering, you really should, at least for smaller items, have a box or two in the trunk of your car designated for your previously loved items.  When you have enough to take to goodwill, the work has already been done!  You don't end up having to handle each item twiceOnce to declutter.  Once to pack up.  Otherwise, you end up piling them somewhere in your house, and then that room becomes a complete eyesore. 
After a major decluttering, we now have a room we can use for it's future intended purpose.

This is to the left when you walk in this area.
This room's intended purpose is to be our games' room.
 And, the below is to the right.

Now, I realize this room currently doesn't seem like much to look at, with the residue in spots, on the rough cement floor, of previous painting jobs.
Here is the best before and after picture I could get.

I know this is not the best view, considering it doesn't show most of the room, but it gives you an idea of how bad it was, and how pathetic that there was a foosball table buried under all that, and now it is visible!  
  And two chandeliers hanging over your head when you sit at that rough rocking chair!
The chandeliers are to be installed.
As far as the platform rocker, I'm going to attempt to reupholster it myself.  And, you will notice I used the word attempt.  We also have another platform rocker we are going to bring here from our cottage, to have a matching set in this room.  You can't really tell by these pictures, but the room isn't actually a bad size.  Considering this is "spare" space in our basement.  Our family room is on the floor above this.

The 2 x 4's to the right of this picture are the entrance leading out of the room.  We are also going to make a table between this rocker and the other rocker currently at our cottage, to give us a place to put drinks while cheering on a game of foosball.
We are going to install a drop ceiling in this room.  For lighting we will be going with pocket lights.  Actually, at the very top of the walls, there is a space about a foot high where I'm going to tuck some insulation in this week.  Now that I can actually get to the area, lol!
Oh, forgot to mention in my list of everything wrong with this space, that Mr. House Pretty has agreed to work together within the next month (or so he says now), to mix and pour a new layer of cement over this area to finally make it smooth "as a baby's butt"!  Whoever first poured the cement in the basement of this house, knew nothing about smoothing it out.  There are multiple areas on this floor where the gravel pokes right up through the cement! 
So, that is what I've been up to the last week, as far as decluttering goes.  Goodwill must be loving me!
Where will I turn up next?


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