Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decluttering 101/ The Shed

Yup, the shed!  Need I say more?!  Oh man, this was a lot of work.  I corralled Mr. House Pretty's help for this one. 
You will have to forgive me, because I'm a bit late with Monday's Decluttering 101 post.  The reason is it took most of Monday to finish the project to even be able to make a post, lol!
I should also prewarn you that I have written a novel here.  There, I have done my civic duty.
On to the show!
It was bad!  I mean, really bad!  And what it represented to me was us never getting our house under control until we got this "biggy" out of the way.  There is also another "biggy" on another level of our house, better known as the "dungeon" that is also on the chopping block, that I will show soon. 
Normally I know, it is always good to have a pretty picture to show first, but I decided to go for the shock factor this time, so here goes 
It was pretty bad
Try getting to your gardening supplies when they are in this tangled mess!
Oh, and don't even get me started on the absolute clutter of plastic tree pots I had been accumulating!  I must have counted 10!  I got rid of all but two.  And the reason I saved those two, is so we would have something to put baby trees in when we are out and about, and see something we would like to plant on our property.  Free is good!
To the right of this picture, you see a glimpse of some scrap wood that came off our old deck last summer.  Mr. House Pretty since built a new one, and he is chopping up all the leftover wood to burn in our firepit at the cottage.
My "garbage" chairs I showed here that I made over.
Now, that wrought iron chandelier isn't goin' anywhere!  I picked that up at an auction two years ago, for $20.  And, was it a mess!  It must have been in someone's barn for a long time, because, and I couldn't figure out what "it" was at first, the remnants of a hornet's nest were left all through this thing.  I didn't even realize it when I had bid on it, because I was a distance away from it. 
When Mr. House Pretty unloaded it from the trunk, and I, with hose in one hand and dish soap in the other hand, started to go at it, then I noticed it.  Talk about disgusting!  But I got it all washed and prettied up, and it is now waiting to be hung in our vaulted livingroom ceiling.  Can't wait!  It made it's way inside over the weekend, so it's one step closer! 
And now, for the good stuff!
Most of these "after" pictures were taken in the evening, with the assistance of a portable light, since it was pitch dark.  Therefore, please excuse the quality.

  Well, isn't this a beautiful sight?!  No, I don't mean the bits of wood shavings on the floor, I mean THE FLOOR.  There was actually a floor underneath all that clutter!
The chairs are stacked on top of Mr. House Pretty's workbench, as is a wicker "type" garden loveseat I purchased on clearance for 75% off, at the end of the summer from Eaton's, which has now left our city.  Both items will have found their new permanent winter home by this time next year, and Mr. House Pretty's workbench will be set up, with power running to it.
And, how will he get power to it, you may be asking yourself (or maybe you aren't and couldn't care less. Just work with me here will ya'?!?!).
This is how.
He was given this roll of cable. It's worth a couple of hundred dollars. He is going to dig a small trench from the house to the shed, and run power to the shed. He will then get lights and heat in there. Will kind of give him a little "man cave".
As for the bikes, they were hung from the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be here...oops! sorry, a little too early just yet!
We hung the bikes with bungee cords, and attached them to the ceiling with undustrial size hooks.  And Amanda' bicycle trailer fits perfectly underneath them. 
 Then, of course, there was the tangled mess of garden tools. 
Not anymore!
This area looks a little better now.  It's amazing what a person can accomplish with just a hammer and few nails, now isn't it?
And because it doesn't get much better than a before and after picture, this is the difference that the above mentioned hammer and a few nails did.
It will be so nice next Spring, to be able to quickly an easily, reach for my garden tools!
This next one is not a very good before and after picture, because part of each one got cut off, and the lighting is, well, (insert cough!) horrible. 
The left side middle and bottom shelves are for our sporting goods.  The middle shelf is for our helmets and gloves/balls.  The lower "shelf", which is actually the floor, is for Amanda's bicycle and scooter.  The upper shelf, well, we will be growing into it.  It had, at least when this picture was taqken, the remnants of our organization, meaning the hammer and nails we were using.
The right side has my gardening supplies.  The middle shelf has my wind chimes, fertilizer, and watering can (as well as Miss Amanda's).  The lower "shelf" has our grass seed, fertilizer, as well as my dandellion "bucket".  I pull up every dandellion.  Yes, I'm that big of a nerd.  You heard it here first, lol!
Oh, and let's not forget the loft!
This picture is facing the back of the loft.  Amanda likes to go up there, kind of like her own little camp!
This picture is facing the opposite way, out to the street.  As I mentioned before, some of these pictures were taken in the evening, as you can tell by the open loft door and the utter blackness.
To the left is our lawn seed/fertilizer spreader.  To the right is our summer tires all tucked away cozy for the (hopefully not long) winter ahead.
So, that's what we were up to the entire weekend!  We started Saturday morning, and finished up Rememberance Day Monday (yesterday) in the afternoon.
In total, I believe we threw out like 8 bags of trash! Can you even imagine how happy I am to have this major job finished?!
The shed is now decluttered, Whoo! hoo!
On to the next spot.  You just never know where I might turn up next!


  1. Way to go!! I always feel so much better when I get things cleared out and cleaned up. We usually clean out the garage every spring, right before we have our garage sale. This year we didn't have a sale, so the garage clean out wasn't as thorough. This spring for sure!!

  2. Can you come do my garage? lol It is the one space in my home that isn't pretty and it drives me nuts...but we all have to have somehwere to put junk don't we? You've done one amazing job!

  3. good for you!!! you are inspiring to me, because I know the feeling of a cluttered shed and an uncluttered shed...and it is our Saturday project.
    8 bags...it adds up fast!

  4. much more organized! way to go!!!!


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