Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Don't Do Moves Well!

No, I definitely don't do moves well.  And this one seems to be no exception.  I am trying to move over to Wordpress.  And I say trying, loosely.  Because when did I choose to try?  During a time when they were having problems with their site.  Why, of course!
Another problem.  I am changing my name.  Just a touch.  But that "touch" has also given me major grief.  And that would be because the name my "gut" went with is not the name I chose.  So, after it ate at me for a day, I went back in to try to change my name again, to the choice I should have made the first time around. 
Needless to say, with all of this, my husband has been busy in the evenings with tech. support.  He's helping me because he's "techy" himself, and I just wanted to throw the computer out the window!
On to a more positive note, another pile of stuff is building and on it's way out of our home.  This time it is a combination of items from our home and from my mom's home.  In another post, I'm going to share some helpful tips I have found, in the very brief time that we have been working on her house, to make the transition to less, a little less painful. 
I am hoping this evening brings the success I have been hoping for, for about the last week since I started this transfer over to Wordpress.